The 10x Legend Course
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This 10x Legend Course from Rob Sperry and 10 LEGENDS will empower you to thrive by equipping you to experience 10 days of wins.
10 Leading Experts Share Proven, Practical Advice to Help You INCREASE your RECRUITING and Experience 10 Specific “Wins” in Just 10 Days!!!
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Rob Sperry

Rob Sperry is now 100% generic and not building with any company. He made this declaration a few years to FOCUS on helping all different companies and Network Marketers take their business to the next level. Here is a little background on Rob.
In Rob Sperry's first year in the Network Marketing, he reached the highest level in a multi-billion dollar company. He was a top recruiter out of a million distributors and has built his teams in over 40 different countries. Rob has a unique blend of building his first 5 years entirely offline teaching him the timeless skills that helped him to transition to building online. He is known as one of the foremost social media experts in all of Network Marketing.

In 2017 Rob was voted as the #1 coach in all of Network Marketing by his peers in Business for Home!

Sperry has been a consultant to many different network marketing companies. Due to his expertise, he has been featured in national and international books, podcast, blogs, articles, and magazines specific to finding success in Network Marketing. Rob Sperry is also the author The Game of Networking and Founder of largest active generic Facebook Group in Network Marketing.

I have brought together 10 of the most influential voices in 10 key areas of RECRUITING to share their single best piece of advice for RECRUITING.

The 10x Legend Course
Featured Speakers
They’ll challenge you to take one specific action each day to experience success in your RECRUITING — and offer you direction on how to empower your TEAMS/NEW MEMBERS to thrive in that area.
$697 $397
Here’s a Sneak Peek at What Will Happen When You Take the Challenge and Help Your Family TODAY…
Watch The Challenge
We’ll deliver an 18 minute FB Live from one of our experts in our EXCLUSIVE paid member FB GROUP each EVENING for 10 days.
Take The Challenge
After watching the brief video, it’s time to act. We’ll give you a CHALLENGE everyday that is based on EFFORT.  You will watch the training the night before and take the challenge the next day.
Be Accountable
We’ll make it easy for you to be accountable for each challenge. A recent study showed that success skyrockets by 96% when we have a specific accountability appointment.  SHARE those results DAILY.
Who Are the Experts and What Are the 10 DAY Challenges?
How to Recruit Influencers
Lance Conrad
Lance has trained hundreds of thousands of distributors around the world and has built teams in 37+ countries. He has been featured in The Network Marketing Times, recorded broadcasts for MLM Nation and been invited as a feature speaker for many companies within the Network Marketing community. He has provided consulting services for small start-up companies to companies that do hundreds of millions per year in sales. 
Early in his career he was a technical recruiter receiving the trophy of Rookie of the Year out of 500 plus offices. After 2 years he left to start his own recruiting company, HireSolutions. He wrote 3 books on recruiting and trained 137 different offices on the recruiting techniques he created. He sold the HireSolutions franchise to a public company.
How to Recruit Millennials
Anthony Napolitano
Through his work ethic, focus, consistency and commitment, Anthony Napolitano achieved the top rank of his company at just 22 years old. 

From a young age, Anthony's had the knowledge to fully grasp but through focus, hard work, amazing things are possible. 

Anthony Napolitano currently travels the world to help others become financially fit.  When you visit his Instagram, you’ll notice that he has over a whopping 61,000 followers. Anthony’s Instagram is full of inspirational and investor lifestyle images. In the next few years Anthony Napolitano is on a journey to becoming one the top earners in the whole entire industry.
How to Transition Likes & Comments
Emily Vavra
Emily started her Network Marketing business when she was 23 years old. She and her husband, Hayden, are the youngest couple to become millionaires. They have been honored as Top 100 Income Earners and won many awards. Emily loves working out, diving into fashion (including working on her own brand), exploring, and traveling the world.
Instagram Recruiting Secrets
Kimberly Olson
Kimberly Olson is the creator of The Goal Digger Girl, a multi-dimensional brand that serves female entrepreneurs through small group coaching, focused workshops and a whole lot of training on how to build successfully on social media.
She has two PhDs in Natural Health and Holistic Nutrition, has achieved a leadership position in her current network marketing company, is the author of the best-selling book, The Goal Digger, has a weekly podcast and travels nationally public speaking.
The POWER of Taprooting 
Calvin Becerra
Calvin has been in the Network Marketing industry for 11 years. He has built an organization that spans across more than 120 countries with over 1 million people. He credits his success to a work ethic he developed starting at 8 years old and the adversity that constantly challenged him throughout his life.
He is a massive recruiter that understands how to BUILD depth and DUPLICATE fast!
How to Always Recruit Several at a Time
Brian Carruthers
In under three years, by the age of 30, Brian made his first million dollars in his network marketing business. He went on to build an empire that has generated a 7-figure annual income for more than ten straight years. 
$20 Million Earner
Team paid over $400 Million
1,500 personal recruits
400,000 distributors
2 Million customers
Generate Unlimited Leads on FB
Frazer Brooke's
Frazer is a second generation Network Marketer. After attending his first event in 1987 in the womb of his mother, he went on to see his parents earn 8 figures from the industry.
In 2010 he decided to begin his career as a distributor and in 5 years was able to build a business of over 300,000 customers using social media!
How to Recruit Customers
Rachel Jackson
In 2009 she started video marketing and within 18 months had over a million views on YouTube and ten thousand people on her mailing list.
Since then RJ has been using attraction market and building what she calls a “MicroCelebrity” following to amass a team to do over $100m in revenue and she’s earned just over $4.7m in the last 7 years.
How to build rapport with randoms/strangers FAST so they can’t wait to give you their details & keep connected
Nathan and Martene Wallace
Nathan and Martene are the top income earners in Australia for their company.  They have impacted so many.  Martene was a featured speaker at GoPro.  Both Nathan and Martene KNOW how to RECRUIT!
How to Close Without Being Pushy
Hayley Hobson
Her podcast has more than 10,000 downloads per month and her healthy life and biz blogs are featured in MindBody Green, Positively Positive and Network Marketing Magazine expanding her influence beyond 1 million fans. 

When she’s not teaching or running a multiple seven figure home based business, you can find her holding boat pose in hot yoga, or working out with with her award winning athlete husband, Wes. She is a real person who fully claims and accepts her inherent birthright to be a mom, to live her passion, AND make money.
$697 $397
Why You Should Take the 10x Legend Course:
  •  RECRUITNG:  It is the HARDEST yet most important SKILL in Network Marketing.  Without RECRUITING there is no duplicating
  • 11 DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVES: You never know which style, personality, strategy, technique, tip or story WILL CHANGE everything for YOU!
  •  STRAIGHT TO THE POINT: I am not here to waste your time!  All 10 LEGENDS will train you in 18 minutes or LESS.  MORE ACTION.  LESS TALK!
  •  CHALLENGE: Sometimes we need a good BUTT KICKING!!!  No we don't SHAME anyone but sometimes we NEED that CHALLENGE to BREAKTHROUGH!  There isn't a better CHALLENGE that will HELP you more than RECRUITING
  •  MONEY: More recruitng equals more impact on others and more money to help you live your dreams and passions.
  •  EASIER: NOPE!  It is never going to be EASY but with the right training we can definitely make it easier.
 Get access to this exclusive experience and RECRUITING advice from 10 renowned experts!
Why You Should SHARE the 10x Legend Course:
  •  FUN Challenges are even more fun when you are doing them with friends!
  • ACCOUNTABILITY: There is always more accountability when you have a team or a friend participating in the challenge with YOU.
  •  MASTERMIND: You and your friends will be getting the same info but we all have different insights.  You can take your insights to another level by masterminding with friends on how YOU are going to execute your plans.
  •  COMMUNITY: Our COMMUNITY is only as strong as its members.  Together we will create a fun/accountable/action taker culture!
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